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Welcome to the Website of the Wausau Inter-Church Dartball League!Here you will find the latest news, Schedules, history of the Wausau Inter-Church Dartball League. We play Monday Nights in a spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship!

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A BRIEF HISTORY of the Wausau Inter Church Dartball League

According to Ed Erlandson and Windy Holmen, 2 of the founding fathers of the League as we know it today, dartball was introduced by a visitor from Toledo, Ohio in 1928. A league of 6 teams from 4 churches in Wausau, Immanuel Lutheran, English Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. Until 1930, they played teams from out of town also. The boards were not uniform, in fact some resembled rifle targets. In 1930 that all changed with the formal founding of our league. There have been several other leagues since 1930 but our league survived them all. There were also some leagues formed in towns in the area, such as Merrill. In 1935 the league blossomed into a group of 19 teams which included some Paper mill teams. Immanuel Lutheran was the first champion in 1935.

The Wausau Inter-Church Dartball League, at one time in 1963 had a peak number of teams of 38. Today we have 14 teams, representing 12 churches of several denominations in the Wausau and Schofield area. The Peace UCC Panthers, founded in 1941, is the oldest continuing team in our league. The league still plays on Monday nights from September through March. We still play with same reason, “friendly competition with Christian fellowship”.

This information was put together originally by Mark Reetz.  Our thanks to him, always.

Bill Morris, League Historian

 Concrete Information about the season

and the potential health risk with Covid19

As a board for the league we have discussed at length and have made a decision that we feel is in the best interest and health of each and every one of our league members and their families.

As you know the covid19 (corona virus) has spread to the United States and to Wisconsin. While at this point Wisconsin is not hit hard with the virus, according to the media and Health Authorities the people who possibly have the virus is being underreported.

While the Media does its very best in (my opinion) to sensationalize this health threat, it still remains a very real health risk. WE DO NOT want any of our members to get sick, nor our member’s families.

Therefore after a long thought process and much discussion we have come up with this plan for this season:

We will stop play for the current season as of 3/13/2020. (We cancel the last three weeks of play.)


The banquet that was scheduled for April 6th will be tentatively moved to a new date- June 1st.

We are hoping that the threat will have passed by that time. If it has not we will then cancel the banquet.


We know how much the last three weeks would have meant to certain teams. We feel that everyone’s health is more important than getting your name on a plaque or trophy. We pray that you understand.

If any of your team members for some reason cannot make the June 1st banquet, we will refund your banquet ticket money. Simply tally the number and contact me and we will take care of it. 

Praying for all of your continued good health and safety.


Mike Hofmann

President  Wausau Interchurch Dartball league


This years Division Winners:

Division A        St Michael Royals

Divison B         St Pauls Packers

Division C       St Matthews Rangers

4th Place seed( in case of a banquet playoff)  St Marks Beavers

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